Noted delivers the reports you need.

Whether it’s data about organisational performance for funders, or key data about your profession.

Smiling carer sitting and talking with an elderly gentleman

Community health services

As a community health service provider you need to be able to save time for your staff while supporting them to meet the needs of both your clients and funders.

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Whether you are a school guidance counsellor or support worker, Noted allows you to work securely and safely while coordinating the care of at-risk students appropriately with school management, including deans and principals.

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Private care

Noted can create form content for the professions in your organisation, so everyone can work quickly and effectively. Record the information you need to demonstrate safe practice and show compliance with insurance company requirements.

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Social service providers

Noted allows your team to share care effectively, take consistent notes across teams, appropriately document progress on entire whānu, mark attendance on and take notes on groups, manage worker caseload, run operational reports and reports for funders.

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