Traditional acupuncture

Noted has an unparalleled depth of specialised content for traditional acupuncturists.

A client lying face down on a treatment table receiving acupuncture needles on their back
  • With over 22 context specific forms available (and with more on the way) you can capture detailed notes according to body system, area or complaint.
  • We have worked with experts in their fields to create best practice content for you, including pregnancy, postnatal and fertility.
  • Choose between Traditional Chinese Medicine or Toyohari acupuncture, with more styles in development.
  • When you use Noted you are adding to the evidence base. We have partnered with Evidence Based Acupuncture to collate and report on pragmatic clinical data from the acupuncturists across our system.

Specialist Content

Pregnancy and postnatal

The pregnancy and postnatal forms were developed in conjunction with Dr Debra Betts. They even include tips for safe practice, including when to refer.

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The fertility acupuncture content is the result of a collaboration between fertility experts Nicola Douglas, Tracey Lindsay and Paige Waters. It was never easier to capture in-depth fertility specific information about your clients.

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If you wish your speciality to be added, please get in touch.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Developed by Scott Pearson, with further input from Adejola Olatunji and Dr Debra Betts, it was never easier to take comprehensive notes for TCM.

Toyohari acupuncture

Matiu Pearson and Brett Walker collaborated to write this version, which is designed to allow for the quick capture of your diagnosis and treatment from a Toyohari perspective.

If you wish your style to be added, please get in touch.

Add to the evidence base

We have partnered with Evidence Based Acupuncture to collate and make available the findings of pragmatic clinical data from acupuncturists using Noted worldwide.

To give back to the profession, Noted makes a donation to Evidence Based Acupuncture every time a user upgrades from a trial account, if they say they were referred by EBA when they sign up.

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