Working with experienced dietitian Sarah Elliott, we’ve developed detailed content so you can capture the information you need about your clients.

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Current Features

Detailed, context specific content for all users

Secure document and image management

Emailable client registration

Team collaboration

Tablet friendly

Share care effectively

Incident reporting

Specialist Content

In addition to a general form, we have specialised forms including:

bowel dysfunction, eating disorders and weight/metabolic forms.

Paediatric and Sports Nutrition content is coming soon.

Content Authors

Photo of Sarah Elliott

Sarah Elliott BSc (Human Nutrition), Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics (Hons), New Zealand Registered Dietitian

Sarah has been practicing as a registered dietitian since 2002. Her career began in Australia, working in a large private practice in both individual consultation and corporate nutrition. Her passion for treating eating disorders was furthered as dietitian for the Peter Beaumont Centre for Eating Disorders day program.

Upon returning to New Zealand Sarah opened her private practice in 2006. She focuses on gut health, eating disorders and helping people regain a normal relationship with food. She has also worked as an immunology dietitian at Wellington Hospital and as a clinical tutor for the Otago University dietetic training program.

Sarah enjoys convincing her chef husband to cook at home and running after her two young daughters.

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