Our services team customise Noted to fit your unique requirements

Establishing your requirements

During the discovery process we meet with key stakeholders in your organisation to understand your requirements.

We work with you to understand your organisational structure, current workflow, systems you rely on, forms you require, and what other relevant factors we need to consider.

We also identify any data that will need to be migrated and add ons that you have decided to implement.

We also outline the onboarding process to all stakeholders to ensure there are no surprises.

Getting you set up correctly

The organisational setup process is to ensure that your administration staff and managers have their requirements met.

A big part of this involves reviewing your reporting needs and agreeing how and where the relevant data will be entered into Noted.

This work requires us to agree on the desired workflow of your staff, so that the end result is easy to use and can be relied on.

Building forms for your team

Each type of worker requires form content to record their notes into. The forms are created by us with experienced workers from your organisation who have a good understanding of what good notes should look like for them, from the perspectives of day-to-day workflow, compliance, administrative and reporting requirements.

It is particularly important that the forms are designed to follow the usual or ideal workflow of a worker. This is important for ease of use and worker compliance.

Form content is typically created in a series of two hour sessions, often via video conference.

Depending on the complexity of your needs, the time it takes to create a formset for a team or profession can vary greatly.

Onboarding your staff

Once your workflow has been established, and your forms have been created, it is time to start training your staff. We prefer to take this in three stages.

In the first stage, we run a workshop with team leads. Once you launch, your team leads will be required to make sure your workers are using Noted correctly, so we work hard to make sure they have a thorough understanding.

During the second stage, we would typically run a workshop with each team/type of worker. Their exact form content and workflow is important, so we have found it best if we work with one group at a time.

At the third stage we return about one month after launch to review how everyone is working. We have found that this is a valuable session to ensure the system is being used correctly and is also an opportunity for people to ask questions and raise issues.

Loading your existing records

During discovery, it will be decided which data will be migrated. We will provide you with a secure link to deliver us the data. Our team will then review it so that we can quote on the work involved.

During migration, key information can be passed into tags and various forms, as required.

Post migration, the original data is held securely by us in case issues, such as omissions, are picked up in due course.

New features and integrations

During discovery, we may establish that you require additional services. Examples of additional services that Noted offers are data warehousing and integration with other systems you rely on.

You may also require features not yet available in Noted. We are happy to consider extending Noted to meet your needs.

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Service fees are separate to your subscription pricing plan and are based on the size and complexity of your teams.