Training Workshops

Onboarding your staff

Once your workflow has been established, and your forms have been created, it is time to start training your staff. We prefer to take this in three stages.

In the first stage, we run a workshop with team leads. Once you launch, your team leads will be required to make sure your workers are using Noted correctly, so we work hard to make sure they have a thorough understanding.

During the second stage, we would typically run a workshop with each team/type of worker. Their exact form content and workflow is important, so we have found it best if we work with one group at a time.

At the third stage we return about one month after launch to review how everyone is working. We have found that this is valuable because staff do not always realise that they are not using the system correctly and do not see a need to ask for help. It is also an opportunity for people to ask questions and raise issues.

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