Empower kaimahi to focus on serving more whaiora

Reflect your Whānau Ora kaupapa within a single system that brings your teams together.

Take care of your whānau the best way you can

Faster note taking and record keeping

Whānau-centred care formsets

Noted has developed form content for a wide range of services that reflect your Whānau Ora kaupapa.

Unite kaimahi

Unite your kaimahi in one system, customised for your entire organisation.

Whānau centred care

Empower your workers to take care of the whole whānau and accurately record the support provided.

Manage access and security

Control the level of access kaimahi have to data and features.

Easy scheduling

Easily book and manage staff, rooms and resources by viewing availability.

Noted's Data warehousing feature

Measure the impact of your life-changing mahi

A system that works the way you do

Our onboarding services work with you to tailor Noted to meet the needs of your team.

Kōrero mai to book a demonstration and learn how Noted can work for you