Notes you can take anywhere!

Fertility acupuncturist Nicola Douglas has been practising for 18 years; the last 15 of those in New Zealand. As a new user of Noted, we were keen to hear about the transition from her old record keeping system – warts and all!

Could you tell us why you decided to try Noted?

I’ve used paper-based systems and electronic text documents. I didn’t like the waste of trees in paper-based systems. Sometimes papers would go astray in my filing cabinet. To me, paper notes don’t look that professional. Using a word processor didn’t get the results I wanted either. Files were hard to search; information wasn’t at my fingertips. And you can inadvertently lose electronic documents too!

So you were looking for something professional that was easy to use and search?

Yes. I liked the look of Noted because it had content designed specifically for acupuncturists.

Tell us about your first experiences?

I had to work out how to make Noted work for me. At first, I was filling in every question in the form which took too long. It took a while to learn how to shrink down the forms while scrolling to make it easy to get around, and to flick between current and previous records. But I overcame all those problems. I’ve learned how to navigate and find exactly what I want when I want it. I record what’s important – not necessarily sticking rigidly to the form. Like anything, it gets easier the more you use it.

What are your thoughts now?

My notes are more comprehensive because I can write more and record things faster. I love that I can bring my notes home. They are accessible from anywhere. I can work wherever I am and my documents are saved all in one place.

What would you say to other fertility acupuncturists thinking about giving Noted a go?

I think it is a great system with a really thorough fertility form that works well if you are into the latest fertility processes.

Photo of Nicola Douglas

Nicola Douglas Advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Perth. W.A) Diploma Nursing

Nicola lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand with her husband and 4 children, where she works in a private practice.

She studied TCM while I living in Perth, Australia at the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies, where she practiced for 3 years before moving to New Zealand.

Since hearing Dr Debra Betts talk at a conference in 2003 she decided to specialise in pregnancy and fertility. Over time the fertility aspect of her work as increased and now over 80% of her case load is fertility related.

Nicola loves her work and continues to learn, both from her patients and her teachers and mentors. She regularly attends courses and workshops to fuel her knowledge and keep up to date in the areas of TCM that she is passionate about.

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