Work smarter with multiple clients and save time

Group record features

Group session notes

Record group session notes that populate each participants’ individual records list without navigating elsewhere or copying and pasting.

Record attendance

Mark attendance of clients and workers during a session. Easily add new attendees, with session attendance filtering through to each individual client record.

Streamlined individual records

When appropriate, easily record specific notes on a single participant from within the group session screen, with these details not appearing on any other participants’ record.

Worker collaboration

Collaborate with multiple users who work with the same recurring group by easily recording worker attendance and sharing session record access.

Define the type of group

Specify the type of group session you want to record, this could be a group of regular participants or a group of unspecified participants for a regular activity.

Group access controls

Control visibility of a group’s clients and records by granting a Team access to the Group. Only users in the approved Team can view and access the group sessions or records and relevant client records.

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