All client information, exactly where you need it

Client management features

Client search

Search by a variety of criteria for clients already entered into your database, including inactive clients.

Client overview

A configurable client overview screen allows a worker to get a quick snapshot of their client before an appointment.

Client invite

Workers can send new clients an email invitation to fill in basic details about themselves, this feeds straight into Noted, ready for their first session.

Client banners

Add, update and quickly view a client’s alerts, allergies and goals.

Client tags

Create custom client tags to categorise and report on clients.


Link clients together within Noted and indicate their type of relationship. Custom relationship types can be added to the default options.

Key workers

Assign one or more of your staff as a key worker for a client. Assigned key workers are displayed on the client’s overview screen, can be reported on, and used to generate client lists.


Workers can set reminders for themselves against a client which are displayed on the worker’s dashboard as well as in the client’s records list.

Tracking forms

Record and track a client’s progress on specific measures with tracking forms. These are customisable forms that retain their history as new entries are recorded.

Document management

Store documents against a client’s profile or specific records, drag and drop PDFs, images and videos. Uploaded files can be arranged and organised using folders.

Letter writing

Create letters within Noted that are recorded against a client. Format letter templates to customise sender and signature details.

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