Noted's Access control features

You control who can access which clients, records and features

Access control features


Create and remove workers for your account, edit settings and manage access to features.


Create teams of workers to ensure they only work with the formsets that are relevant to their work and have appropriate access to sensitive information.

Client access

Restrict a worker’s access to all of a client’s information. Providing assurance to whānau of staff (as an example) that their privacy will be protected.

Record access

Grant or deny workers’ and teams’ access to sensitive client records. An access override privilege can be applied to specific workers which offers auditable emergency access to information.

Group Access

Control the access of group sessions and records by granting a Team's access to the Group.

Override access

Give specific users the ability to access records they can’t normally see in the case of an emergency.

Feature access

Control which features a group or individual worker can use within Noted.

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