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Noted is packed with tools that support you to work the way you want to

Take and review comprehensive notes, faster

Noted’s dynamic structured forms allow you to capture important information quickly, with a minimum of typing. The notes are easy to read too, with clear headings and consistent layouts.

Tailored to you

Each profession works with formsets tailored to them, meaning that you only ever work with content relevant to you. Meanwhile, Noted’s modular system means that you can hide functionality you do not use, keeping your interface as clean and uncluttered as possible.

Group notes

Multiple workers can now take notes and mark attendance on groups of people. Attendance and notes are automatically added to each client’s personal records. Whether you are running a support group, a first aid course, a crossfit class, or an education evening, Noted’s Groups module will be a game changer for you.

Work with entire whānau

Noted allow you to manage relationships between clients, making it easy to appropriately capture information against the person you are writing about while seeing how each person relates to the others at a glance.

Secure document management

Stream images and movies straight from the camera of your mobile device, without storing anything on the device, and store them securely in a client’s record. Or use Noted’s drag and drop interface to upload pdfs, Word documents and other common formats. You can also annotate images and link documents to individual client records.

Categorise clients

Noted has a powerful client tagging system that lets you categorise clients for reporting and filtering purposes. Examples include tagging a client with their funding scheme, type of complaint, region and type of client.

Custom tabs

Track data important to you in one place. Examples include incident reporting, shared care plan and weight management.

School management system integration

Any changes made to in your school management system (currently KAMAR or Edge) are automatically synchronised with Noted.

ACC billing integration

Record ACC claim number, READ codes and other ACC specific information about each treatment and then just select the unbilled treatments and invoice ACC from within Noted with a button click.

Reporting and insights

Noted is built from the ground up so to allow you to capture and report on information that is important to you. Whether you are running quarterly reports for funders, tracking client outcomes or managing staff workloads, Noted has everything you need, right out of the box.

Manage your workflow more efficiently

Noted is all about letting you work better. Workflow tools include Client Search, which lets you write your own queries to search for lists of clients; alerts that let you know when your clients’ records have been added to by others; reminders; and much more.

User access controls (Coming soon!)

Using Noted’s user access controls, administrators can control which clients a worker can access and what record sensitivity level they can read. A record setting of ‘Private’ means that only the worker who wrote a record can view it. Similarly a worker can also curate a client’s records to share, or withhold, records from their client’s portal or other workers. The controls include a ‘break the glass’ function for emergencies.

Security and compliance

Noted takes the safety of your data very seriously. Data is encrypted all the way from your device to our database. We have 24/7 intrusion detection in place and we run regular security tests and privacy audits by external parties.

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