Efficiently run your organisation from a single unified system

Faster note taking and record keeping

Record encounters with individual clients, groups or whānau using custom forms that accurately capture the work you do.

Note taking

Client records

Group records

Whānau records

Client information all in one place

Noted has taken a fresh look at what a client management system should be and created a unique solution that allows you to work better than ever.

Client overview

Easily access client information and previous records in a configurable client overview screen, quickly viewing a snapshot of the client data before an appointment.

Client invite

Send new clients an email invitation to fill in basic details about themselves straight into the Noted system, ready for their first session.

Tracking forms

Easily record and review client progress on specific measures. These are customisable forms that retain their history as new entries are recorded.

Document management

Store documents against a client’s profile or specific records, drag and drop PDFs, images and videos.

More Client management features

Seamlessly link your systems together

Create faster team workflows and organisation-wide efficiencies with Noted's integration options.

Noted API

Noted’s RESTful API allows for integration with other interoperative systems.


Submit the required information for PRIMHD reporting straight to the Ministry of Health from within Noted.

ACC billing

Indicate when clients are provided a service covered by ACC. Create and submit invoices directly to ACC from within Noted.

School management systems

Automatically synchronise student profile information in school management systems such as Wonde, KAMAR and Edge with Noted.

More about Integrations

Make the most of your resources

Schedule the delivery of complex services with the ability to book multiple staff, spaces, and other resources.

Resource management

Manage workers’ hours, services and physical resources like cars or rooms, with easy configuration to suit your organisation.

Appointment booking

Create appointments for clients and book the resources required for the service. Notifications are configurable and can be automatically sent to the client’s email upon appointment creation, rescheduling, or cancellation and more.


Use the calendar to view and update selected workers’ and spaces’ availability and upcoming appointments, allowing you to work more efficiently and make best use of your valuable resources.

More about Scheduling

Meet with more clients remotely

Deliver online client appointments via video calling directly within the Noted system.

Online client sessions

Create a secure online video call link to meet with clients remotely, directly within Noted’s Scheduling feature.

Telehealth record keeping

Update client records and notes during the secure telehealth appointment.

Simple client access

Clients do not require specific software or an account to meet with you through Noted’s telehealth video calls. Clients are provided a unique video call link via email for their appointment.

Note: Telehealth is available for additional subscription pricing per user, per month.

More about Telehealth

Your privacy and security are assured

Control who has access to your client data and keep sensitive information private.


Create teams of workers to ensure they have appropriate access to sensitive information.

Client access

Restrict a worker’s access to all of a client’s information. Providing assurance to whānau of staff (as an example) that their privacy will be protected.

Record access

Grant or deny workers’ and teams’ access to sensitive client records. An access override privilege can be applied to specific workers which offers auditable emergency access to information.

More about Access Controls

Easily extract and report on client data

Extract and measure your client data with simple reporting.


A simple visual representation of your active clients including breakdown of gender, age and client tags currently in use.


Create specific queries of your database, filter and specify the information you want included in a data export. Reports are generated as .CSV files. Create and save reports to re-run in the future. Saved reports can be copied, shared with other workers or kept private to one worker.

Outcome tracking

Report on the effort spent towards specific client outcomes and their achievement.

More about Reporting and Insights

Advanced business intelligence

Measure your impact on the health and wellbeing of your community and inform funder and organisational decision making.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing syncs all of your data into a secure data vault and aggregates this to provide clear and meaningful insights in the form of dashboards.

Funder reporting

Qlik dashboards are highly configured to suit your funder reporting requirements.

Client and whānau reporting

Easily view demographic and relevant data about the people you serve in your community.

Data quality control reporting

Give supervisors a tool to check that accurate data is being recorded by your teams.

Note: Data Warehousing is available for additional subscription pricing per user and base set up fee.

More about Data Warehousing

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