Take care of a whole whānau by linking clients and records together in Noted

Whānau session notes
Take notes easily in one place when meeting with whānau, build a complete and authentic picture of the whānau’s health and wellbeing that is reflective of the way you work.
Track goals and outcomes
Provide a clearer picture of the support a whānau is receiving, their strengths, challenges, and shared experiences to design and track comprehensive support plans, goals and outcomes.
Work together with whānau
Link multiple clients to a whānau record. Easily viewing the whānau members and basic details in a simple dashboard.
View and record in one place
Create sessions, record attendance and appropriately add records on the work being done all in the one place. View the health and wellbeing of the entire whānau, not just the individual.
Access control for whānau records
Easily control who has access to individual whānau members and records, to ensure that information is only accessible by the right people.
Report on your whānau
Report from family records, outcomes and attendance.
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