Easily maintain comprehensive records on your clients, whānau and groups

Work faster
Noted’s dynamic structured forms allow you to capture important information quickly, with a minimum of typing.
Tailored to you
Every worker works with formsets tailored to their profession, meaning that you only ever work with forms designed for you and your workflow.
Document management
Stream images and videos straight from the camera of your mobile device or use Noted’s drag and drop interface to upload pdfs, Word documents and other common file formats.
Client relationships
Link clients to each other and see how they relate to each other at a glance.
Letter writing
Write letters faster using letter templates and add your own letterhead, sender and signatures.
Client dashboard
A configurable screen allows a worker to get a quick overview of their client before accessing their records.
Client banners
A banner system allows users to add alerts, allergies and goals which are displayed prominently on a client.
Tracking forms
Tracking forms allow you to easily review client progress.
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