Data warehousing in Noted

Aggregate data from multiple sources and build the reports you need

There are various reasons why you may have your clients separated into different organisations. They may be on a different client management system, or you may be contractually obligated to keep them discrete. Or maybe you are a professional organisation with many members who operate independently.

In all these cases, it can still be highly valuable, even imperative, for you to have access to information from across all the organisations. This is where data warehousing comes in.

Noted’s data warehousing solution allows you to safely aggregate data from as many organisations as you like. This can also include data from other systems.

Which data is shared with the data warehouse is controlled by the individual organisations. Data can be personally identifiable or de-identified, as required. Duplicates are automatically removed.

Aggregated data can include any data from within Noted, from client demographics to outcome data, stored in client records.

Data is automatically synchronised every 24 hours, so you know that your information is up to date.

Noted is seamlessly integrated with QuickSight, Amazon’s business intelligence service, so you can build and run complex reports.

Depending on the skillset of your team, you may wish to build the reports yourselves, or contract Noted to build them for you.

Using Noted’s data warehousing solution you will finally be able to access the information you need about the population you serve.

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