Online client management for health and social care

Unite your teams to take better care of your community

Noted's online client management system empowers your team to deliver quality care and evidence their impact in the community.

Faster note taking and record keeping

Easy online client management

One unified online system

Safe and secure storage

Quality client data reporting

Guided onboarding services

Join us in working towards creating a healthier world

Noted provides support to the social services sector

Social Services

Whichever forms of social work you specialise in, manage the care of your clients and whānau in one unified system.

Noted provides support to whānau-centred care providers

Whānau-centred care

Reflect your Whānau Ora kaupapa within a single system that brings your teams together.

Noted provides support to mental health and addiction services

Mental health and addictions

Support and care for your clients while using a secure online system designed to keep you and your clients safe.

Measure the impact of your life-changing mahi

Noted's Data warehousing feature

Your workers can record an enormous amount of fine-grained data with all client records captured in Noted's data-driven structured forms. With this data, Noted offers you a powerful reporting toolset that enables you to create your own reports, whether to track client outcomes, manage your organisation or to meet the reporting requirements of funders.

Funder reporting made easy

We configure Qlik dashboards to suit your funder reporting requirements.

Who are your clients and whānau

Easily view demographic and relevant data about the people in your community you serve.

Data quality control

Ensure supervisors have the tools to check accurate data are being recorded by your teams.

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