Noted’s client management system allows health and social care providers to work better

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Take and review comprehensive notes, faster

Capture important information quickly, with a minimum of typing in forms that are tailored to you. Mark attendance and take notes on groups of people and automatically update their personal records.

Secure document management

Stream photos and movies straight from the camera of your mobile device and store them securely in a client’s record or use Noted’s drag and drop interface to upload pdfs, Word documents and other common formats.

Search records in a flash

Noted’s powerful filtering and search functions mean you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Third party integrations

Connect seamlessly with other systems from within Noted. Currently you can bill your ACC treatments straight from Noted and synchronise with your school management system. There is much more on the way!

Reporting and insights

Noted is built from the ground up to allow you to capture and report on information that is important to you.

Work efficiently from anywhere on the internet

Noted is designed to let you follow your ideal workflow and is constantly adding tools to make your life easier. Search for clients that meet certain criteria; see when your clients’ record has been added to by others; manage client relationships; and much, much more.

Tailored to your requirements

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a nationally distributed, multidisciplinary team, Noted allows you to work the way you want to.


Community health services

As a community health service provider you need to be able to save time for your staff while supporting them to meet the needs of both your clients and funders.

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Whether you are a school guidance counsellor or support worker, Noted allows you to work securely and safely while coordinating the care of at-risk students appropriately with school management, including deans and principals.

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Private care

Noted can create form content for the professions in your organisation, so everyone can work quickly and effectively. Record the information you need to demonstrate safe practice and show compliance with insurance company requirements.

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Social service providers

Noted allows your team to share care effectively, take consistent notes across teams, appropriately document progress on entire whānu, mark attendance on and take notes on groups, manage worker caseload, run operational reports and reports for funders.

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Medical specialities

Regardless of how niche your speciality is, Noted can provide you with content that is designed for you.

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Working on-site or in the community, capture and access the information you need easily and securely.

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Allied health

Whether you are working alone or in large, multidisciplinary organisations, Noted meets your requirements.

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Complementary medicine

Finally a system for complementary health practitioners that is designed to integrate with conventional health care while still talking your language.

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Know you are safe

Record the right information

Noted makes it easier to demonstrate safe practice and meet the needs of funders while spending more time focussed on your clients. Now you do not need to compromise care to be safer from complaints and audits.

A person filling in a custom risk assessment form in the Noted app

Everything is backed up

You can relax, knowing that your data is backed up daily and mirrored across multiple locations. You will not have to worry about losing important client information ever again.

A laptop showing the Noted app and the cloud connection where data is backed up

Your data is secure

You can be sure Noted’s service is secure. Your data is encrypted all the way from your device to our databases and is protected by 24/7 intrusion detection. Noted’s systems are being continuously tested and improved.

A laptop showing a web browser connecting securely to the Noted app

We are with you all the way

It is important to us that you have a great experience with Noted.

Alongside our library of how-to videos and written documentation, Noted offers easily accessible in-app instant message, email and telephone support.

Noted support team members working to support customers

Access your notes when you need to

We understand that you need your client management system to be up and running all the time and we are committed to delivering just that.

Noted follows strict testing processes to reduce the chance of bugs getting through, and if one does, we do not rest until the issue is resolved.

Meanwhile, Noted is mirrored across multiple sites, and auto-scales when we are busy so the chance of the system slowing down or not being available is as low as possible.

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Add to the evidence base while you work.

Noted is designed so that everyday clinical notes can be anonymised and queried, enabling you to derive insights that inform everything from clinical practice to resource allocation.

Read about our partnership with Evidence Based Acupuncture, reporting on an entire profession


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